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For Thailand, home isolation or home isolation has just been piloted to test the model. by COVID-19 patients Eligible patients must be infected with good health or asymptomatic and under 60 years of age, including patients who have been treated and who are waiting for 14 days or after being discharged from a hospital or a government facility before the deadline.
Guide to home quarantine for COVID-19 patients A collection of ways to isolate yourself from others to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

From late June to early July 2021, many hospitals began to admit that they were in a crisis of full beds and not enough ICUs. I have a patient with COVID-19 who have to wait in bed at home for weeks without being examined and sorting out the types of patients for admission to the hospital treatment system The next problem is Many patients are not at home alone. But living with family members, condos, dorms, or even lonely patients may not be sure how to act while waiting for bed. or not even knowing that it can Is it possible to isolate yourself at Home Isolation? Unsure of how to act while waiting for bed at home may cause Covid-19. can spread to family members and people in the community

Who needs home isolation?

patient waiting in bed Waiting for admin to go to the hospital and the doctor agreed that he could take care of himself at home
COVID-19 patients who have better symptoms and the doctor can go home Which in this group may still have a virus that can spread to others. A patient who has been treated at a hospital or a government facility for at least 10 days and has been sent home for continued treatment at home by Home Isolation method.
However, according to the announcement of the Department of Medical Services, which has issued advice to patients. and giving advice on the provision of home isolation services for COVID-19 patients, dated July 1, 2021, states that COVID-19 patients who meet Home Isolation criteria are as follows:

The patient must be in good health or asymptomatic cases, mild symtomatic.
are less than 60 years old
have good health
no obesity
No comorbidities include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic kidney disease (CKD stage 3, 4), cardiovascular disease, stroke. Uncontrolled diabetes and other diseases at the discretion of the physician
Alone or a residence can have a separate room to live alone.
agree to isolate in their own residence

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