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Gönderen Konu: easy weight loss with the technique of eating one dish to be full in the stomach  (Okunma sayısı 13 defa)


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I believe that many people have a habit of eating one dish and not being full. Always have to eat another plate. which the result is The shocking increase in weight was enough. So for anyone who wants to lose weight to have a slim figure as you wish Let's practice the habit of eating one dish to fill your stomach better. This can be done easily as follows:

Drink water before and after meals.
Drinking water before and after meals will help to maintain your stomach to some extent. Before eating, drink a glass of water, and after eating, drink another glass to make you feel full. until I definitely don't want another dish In addition, the desire to eat snacks after a meal is down as well. Also during the day You should drink plenty of water. At least 8-10 glasses a day will help maintain balance in the body. and reduce hunger as well

chew food slowly
Believe it or not, chewing food slowly It will fill you up in one dish without having to connect to the second dish. that's because Our brains have a mechanism that tells them to stop eating. When eating food for about 15-20 minutes, which if chewed quickly and finished eating before reaching the time when the brain commands It made me feel unsatisfied and had to continue the second dish immediately. But if you chew slowly Try to spend as much time as possible on one plate. At the point where your brain tells you enough You'll feel full and don't want to continue the second dish.

Focus on foods that are high in protein.
Protein is a food that provides energy for the body as well and is very useful. It also helps you feel full faster as well. So try focusing your meals on protein. And you will be full quickly from the first dish for sure. But for dinner, it is recommended to lighten the protein a little. because of the evening The stomach does not digest well. It may cause a feeling of abdominal distension. and to disturb your sleep so you can't sleep

eat fruit after meals
to force himself not to have a second plate It is recommended to arrange a plate of fruit after a meal. and eat only one dish even if it is not yet full Then switch to eating fruit as the next dish instead. Fruits are guaranteed to make you feel so full that you won't want to eat more.

Isn't that difficult? with eating one dish to fill the stomach without having to connect the second plate which when doing this often This will make it a habit and help you lose weight as efficiently as possible. Plus, it doesn't adversely affect health. However, each meal For better results, the amount of sugar and fat should be reduced.

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